Spin it

Goal, to spin up monster from the Linux BBQ Spring 2014 base edition. Off the bat, I must say it's nice to have a 'found' wireless module, no install, no modprobe. Cool. I did the lazy way and just cp'd my monster directory from my Colin partition, then with a simple make and make install. Well, that was the plan. The build gave me some errors. A quick google reference and then a apt-get install libx11-dev was the fix.

Next up was sudo apt-get install xinit so able to start X with a simple startx. Going good here, .xinitrc is set, monster is built, cool, now let's see --- startx --- crap, xorg error. Okay, no problem, apt-get install xorg. That was big, more than likely I didn't need all of it, but we all start somewhere. While I'm at the checkout counter here, let's get some of the core fonts, apt-get install xfonts-terminus xfonts-traditional. Okay, okay, so now I should be good.

Before I enter into X, just a couple more things. Copy a couple walls over from Colin, and copy over my LemonBoy bar config along with my osdbar. For the wallpaper we'll grab hsetroot. Oh, and we need suckless tools for dmenum, and lastly, rxvt-unicode. Okay, so now I think we're good to go.


Nice, looks good. And well, not perfect yet. Dmenu doesn't seem to like my keybinding. Nope, no .xbindkeysrc conflict. And crap, can't open a terminal. Keybindings look good, hmmm, that is weird. The only working keybinds is quitting out of monster. Let me try another wm. I install herbstluftwm, startx, and seems fine with opening a terminal so that's good, but same issue with dmenu. Let's try running it from the terminal with dmenu_run. That seems fine.

At this point, I'm just not sure. I'm taking a break for now.

Quick recap of the installs so far

sudo apt-get install libx11-dev xorg xinit suckless-tools rxvt-unicode-256color xfonts-terminus xfonts-traditional hsetroot

Okay now, a few days later and we are back on. Since my first post a new version of the Spring Base release became available. Because I was still early on in my venture, I blew away my current progress and started over with the latest base release. Having some experience under my belt, getting up and running was easier and quicker this time. And fortunately I did not have any of the same problems as before. Note some of the changes in the newer Base release version negated the need for some of the packages I had needed to install previously. A quick copy of some directories from my current main partition had me up and running with monster.

Now it was just a matter of configurating to my satisfaction before roasting. I had roasted before, however, it has been awhile. I was a tad rusty, but was quickly able to iron out the mistakes. Most were minor like forgetting to change some of the info and os info files to reflect the name of my spin.

I didn't want to mirror my own daily spin, but wanted to add some of the cool features I felt would satisfy a large number of users. For instance, having the current song playing show in bar. I also took the liberty of shutting off a good number of processes that would otherwise start automatically at boot. I was nice enough to copy to a txt file the original settings if that is needed for comparison sake.

I have to say that I'm quite happy with the result, and I hope others are too. As I've become more adapt, it has been really great to be able to give back.

The release is named Gruffalo, featuring the Monster window manager. Please see the release notes here and you can grab your copy here. Enjoy! Oh and here's a sceenshot.