Workflow Ricing

For awhile now, I've tried to continually improve my workflow. It has helped me learn and made this an enjoyable hobby. Its gotten to the point now where if I am unable to figure out a solution, I just shelf it, knowing the solution will come at the right time.

Recently I have engaged in using wm-utils as my 'wm' over 2bwm. I personally like stackers over tiling, but completely see the lure and benefit of tiling. Its just that I don't really require it. I'm on IRC, listening to music, and browsing. No development, only simple bash scripts and making color palettes.

Using wm-utils has been my first experience using Xbindkeys or sxhkd. Mostly my keybinds are for window movement, with only a select few for starting applications. I have keybinds for iceweasel, leafpad (yes, we all use a gui basic editor sometimes), dmenu, urxvt, volume, and cmus.

For notifications I use bar (now lemonbar) and control all of them with one script with regards to color and geometry. Its my notification control center. Notifications cover cmus, weechat and irssi, and battery.

Ricing and consistency go hand in hand. I prefer for all fonts everywhere to be the same, colors to be the same, and all of this as easy as possible. I have a xrdb color and font scraper script which I source in all scripts with any output for that consistency, not to mention simplicity. Change colors ... done. Change font ... done. No updating disparate scripts. Object oriented ricing.

I enjoy making new color schemes. I have a ton of them. I prefer to use my own custom scheme. There's only a few things I'm good at, so I try to leverage those when I can.

I only use colors 0 through 8. I don't feel I need 16 colors. It also makes creating new palettes that much easier. I use the ` #define bg #...... ` method for my colors. In my .Xresources I have the ` *color: bg ` piece so to keep the color files as clean as possible.

For fonts I use bitmap.

I prefer vim as my go to editor. The colorscheme I use is /u/z-brah shblah. Like I say, I like to keep things simple and consistent.

I use a laptop with various battery scripts to keep me from being so sucked in I forget to plug in. I have battery notifations, battery driven prompt, and most recently, battery driven window borders, even pulsing! Take your pick.

Like I said, this is a hobby. I don't program or use linux for a living. I do this for fun. Finding creative solutions to typical/daily annoyances or repeaters is fun. It keeps those synapses firing.