Polar Vortex

Sure is cold outside. I live in the Mid-Atlantic Region United States. Temperatures are well below freezing with daytime highs between 10 and 15 degrees Farenheit, and lows at 0. Our normal temperatures should be +20 from that.

So apparently this Polar Vortex is super rare, and in this instance is covering the entire United States, including Hawaii and Florida. From NPR, All Things Considered ...

"We're talking about a huge sprawling area of circulating cold air originating from the North Pole. It's a low-pressure center, and typically during the winter months it resides up there. At times, some tentacles of it will slip southward and bring cold air outbreaks into the U.S., but this year, we're seeing a huge chunk of it, most of it descending into the U.S."

So to sum up, it's COLD. Frozen pipes, using lots of propane, staying inside. Happy the vortex is receding, and soon we will have back to normal temps.

Things done during the polar grip