. today I decided to put in some more effort, but once I found the actual bug report, I gave up and move my efforts to converting all my .m4a files to .mp3.

Now during this little battle, I had screwed up a few things, purged, re-installed, installed from source, blew that out, installed again, leaving me with less of a working cmus than before.

Error: failed to load plugins

Fix was to

cd ~/.cmus
vi autosave
//find out plugin options with cmus --plugin

Apparently I missed in the man page that can also be done by once in cmus

:set output_plugin=

Also had another error

Error: opening audio device: No such file or directory

My fix was to; again in the autosave file


After all that cmus was working for me again. Next was converting my .m4a files to .mp3. Quick google search yielded me a nice script. Very quick and easy. Dependencies were faad and lame

# m4a to mp3

for i in *.m4a; do
faad "$i"
x=`echo "$i"|sed -e 's/.m4a/.wav/'`
y=`echo "$i"|sed -e 's/.m4a/.mp3/'`
lame -h -b 256 "$x" "$y"
rm "$x"

I put the script in /usr/bin, named it appropriately (it was brought to my attention that if you have imagemagick installed it too has a file named convert in that directory, so don't simply name convert), maybe m4a2mp3, then could just cd into the directory with .m4a files and run it. wuala!