Lately, my main window managers have been monsterwm and cwm. Mainly dependant upon the workflow intended. Sometimes, in cwm, I'll pre-configer a group of terminal windows to allow a well placed terminal workspace, but still giving me a stacking platform.

I have played a bit with 2bwm in the past as LinuxBBQ Colin is build with 2bwm included. I also have cloned it from git and it sits, idly waiting for my time in my /data/git repository. Sitting here this evening, cleaning up my .xinitrc, I see it in the list of wm options, I thought I'd give it a shot. So off I went to build it. First I performed a 'git pull' to ensure I had the latest and greatest, then went on to hte build process.

Well, as luck would have it, but not all that surprised, there were build errors. No worries. Just follow the yellow brick road of build errors until you install all the necessary packages. Building on LinuxBBQ Gruffalo I was required to install the following packages.


So now it's built. I haven't bothered with any configurating yet. That will come in short time. I haven't even started her up yet. I wanted to get started on writing this first. It will remain to be seen if it is a contender to replace cwm.

Okay, I'm in, and I like it so far. Here's a scrot ...

Some of the immediate most obvious diffences is 2bwm requires a rebuild with any changes made to config.h. To be specific, different from cwm, but not monster. I mention those because they have been my main two window manages as I said before. this isn't a problem. EDIT: Cool, just need to complile it, but there's a built in keyboard combination to restart 2bwm ... nice! To get me started I'll probably take a large portion of my monster configs and port them to 2bwm. I think the inner and outer border idea is pretty cool, and quite innovative. I like how it will allow to keep some consistency while still highlighting the active window.