I'm dkeg. I enjoy using Linux as a hobby. I have done .NET development, database stuff, and web development in the past. I started using Linux as most others do, dual booting with their Windows install. I used Ubuntu and Linux Mint first. One day I had the realization that if I'm going to use Linux, I should use something different than a Windows copy. Bring on crunchbang. Great stepping stone. From there I found my bretherin at LinuxBBQ. That is where one can find me now. I also want to point out that I owe a lot to Glen Barber.

I do not develop anymore. I am a Business Analyst in Global IT for an Insurance Company. I use a nice IBM T440 Win7 machine, creating lots of documents and diagrams. I really like my job. I also like my hobby.

Another hobby I enjoy is trail running. Not much time for that now. I have to say that I guess I am what one would consider a weekend warrior. That's fine, b/c I can still probably dust you. I used to also MTB race, and before that skateboard.

So anyway,there you have it. That's me